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     Randal Stevens has photos of himself next to 49 of the 50 American States.  When he gets his picture of himself next to the Welcome to Alaska sign his collection will be complete!  Randal has to radically change his plans when he news of the Alaska Highway Beautification Act, a new law that, if passed, will require all unnecessary road signs to be removed.  Randal has one week to drive 4000 miles through untamed wilderness if he is to have any hope of getting his picture and completing his awesome travel photo collection.

     Randal set out conquering the road.  He is low on funds and suffers from a lack of sleep. A brief hold up and misunderstanding at Canadian customs holds him up but doesn't hinder his determination to get to Alaska.   With more miles behind him than ahead and plenty of time on the clock his car suffers major mechanical problems.  He is stuck.  A fellow traveler Paige Donner sees his desperation and gives him a ride.  He is saved.  They make good time, but not quite good enough for Randal.  Paige likes to enjoy the scenery a little too much.  Randal gets upset when Paige stops at a river to enjoy the view.  One thing... a lot of things lead to Randal with his luggage in the river struggling for his life.  In a failed rescue attempt Page goes into the water also and both are swept down river.

     In the wilderness with few supplies Paige and Randal try to get back to the road but end up hopelessly lost.  Potential help comes in the form of Lloyd Kennedy the worlds first professional Sasquatch Photographer.  Unfortunately, Lloyd has important work to do, the Sasquatches are close and on the move.  Randal is desperate to get in his quest to get to Alaska, he follows Lloyd and gets in the way.  A chance encounter with a 1,200 lb. moose ends with Lloyd injured and his camera smashed.  At this point Randal is running low on film.  Paige brings the two together in agreement.   Lloyd will help Randal and Paige get to Alaska traveling over a treacherous mountain pass.  Randal will help Lloyd with his Sasquatch photo, if it even exists.  It's safe to say Randal is a skeptic, but is game for anything if it helps him get his welcome sign picture.

     With Lloyd guiding Paige and Randal to Alaska. They are back on track to get to the border and the Welcome sign.  It doesn't take long before Randal's skepticism and mistrust clashing with Lloyd's crazy antics, finding a Sasquatch isn't easy, slow their progress.  Circumstances deteriorate, Randal and Paige try to ditch Lloyd and set out on their own. 

When Lloyd catches up and confronts them Randal ends up falling and breaking his leg.  None of them are going anywhere until Page deciphers clues on Lloyds map about where to find the Sasquatch.  Her discovery brings the group together as the work towards one final push to success.  Paige getting back to civilization, Randal getting to the Alaska sign, and Lloyd finding and photographing the Sasquatch.  They have one camera, two unexposed film frames, and very little time.  

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